CommunityCategory: QuestionsDoes the Switch Template feature work?
mrr10k asked 11 months ago

Currently using WP Ultimo 1.6.2 and I’ve tried with two cleans installs to use the switch template feature as if i was a "user" but it doesnt work

I get an error 500. Is it possible to have the latest version or find a way to get this to work?

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wpsaas_admin Staff answered 11 months ago

HI, Interesting update this good old WordPress 5.0

I updated the our essential plugin library, Please try again. Should be working now.

Let me know.


mrr10k replied 10 months ago

Awesome thanks, its working now 🙂 also a tip to those who are having issues and are running the previous version – changing your php version to 7 made it work too