Does the Switch Template feature work?

CommunityCategory: QuestionsDoes the Switch Template feature work?
mrr10k asked 2 years ago

Currently using WP Ultimo 1.6.2 and I’ve tried with two cleans installs to use the switch template feature as if i was a "user" but it doesnt work

I get an error 500. Is it possible to have the latest version or find a way to get this to work?

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wpsaas_admin Staff answered 2 years ago

HI, Interesting update this good old WordPress 5.0

I updated the our essential plugin library, Please try again. Should be working now.

Let me know.


mrr10k replied 2 years ago

Awesome thanks, its working now 🙂 also a tip to those who are having issues and are running the previous version – changing your php version to 7 made it work too

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