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suhartono asked 3 years ago

Hi my name is Kus. I just purchased the program little bit ago. I had a question: Can I use Elementor for my theme?

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suhartono answered 3 years ago

So I don’t need to use Divi right?

wpsaas_admin Staff replied 3 years ago

Correct, Optional.

wpsaas_admin Staff answered 3 years ago

For e.g, Iam building ristio.com , this is a Tour Booking SAAS , Its already in use by tour providers. Its built on WordPress, Woocommerce and Woocommerce bookings. 🙂

suhartono replied 3 years ago

I know. But if I had an idea to build something different than yours where is the step to do it?

suhartono answered 3 years ago

Question: I had site already Multisite. Can I build SAAS platform under it, like in subdomain?

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