suhartono asked 3 years ago

If my multisite network is SSL certificate, do I need the other domain name be SSL certificate also if I want to mapped using WP Ultimo?

For example:

Multisite Network Site:

Other domain :

I want to map it the to can I do that in WP Ultimo without SSL certificate in Or I need another SSL certificate for

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wpsaas_admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Suhartono!

Yes, i would recomened keeping everything SSL if you multisite is already running on SSL.

So SSL can be a bit tricky on Cpanel version. The Cloudways servers are able to assign Letencrypt SSL automatically,

In the case of Cpanel, You will have to add manually grant SSL to the new domain you add.


other domain – Cpanel – Assign via AutoSSL feature in Cpanel

other domain – Cludways – Assign via SSL via cloudways dashboard

In WPultimo setting, you can force all domains to load in SSL, this woud mean you have already installed an SSL.

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