Build SAAS Platforms using WordPress Multisite without a single line of Code

Everything you need to build and market your SAAS startup. WPSAAS PRO includes  Step-by-Step video guides along with ready-made software to help you build and launch within 3 hours

WP SAAS PRO: The fastest way to build and own a software company without writing code.

Whats Included in WP SAAS Pro Account?


Step-by-Step Video Guide

WP SAAS PRO includes simple videos to follow though and built your platform .

SAAS Web Builder

WP SAAS PRO includes simple videos to follow though and built your platform .

Managed SAAS Server

Eliminate Technical hurdles, WP SAAS will provide you a managed server.

Subscription Billing System

Eliminate Technical hurdles, WP SAAS will provide you a managed server.

Bonus 100 SAAS Ideas

WP SAAS PRO includes simple videos to follow though and built your platform .

SAAS Admin Theme

WP SAAS PRO includes Pre-Made SAAS plugins such as billing systems etc

Ongoing Support

WP SAAS PRO includes Pre-Made SAAS plugins such as billing systems etc

30mins Skype Call

WP SAAS PRO includes Pre-Made SAAS plugins such as billing systems etc


Eliminate Technical hurdles, WP SAAS will provide you a managed server.

One of the MOST lucrative niches to go into is software. Why? Cause you can automate your day. This course covers what you need to know in order to make your own SaaS, fast… AND easy. Thanks a lot for the WPSAAS Pro guys!
All the best


Steven, thanks for talking with me the other day, very pleased with the product, we’ll be using it as a blueprint for our framework build. Since we’ve been in a discovery process for WordPress solutions to questions like: What is the best combination of tools to create templatable, replicable multisite networks? Or, what is the most user friendly system of one click implementation of such template or network. Because of our familiarity, we realize you have produced real solutions for that type of system. Again, thanks for your product and your time the other day. 

Mark Bender, director Professional Exchange Associates

WP SAAS PRO is designed to help you archive a SAAS business with minimal time and investment.

Our easy to understand step by step video tutorials and tool-kit helps members build and launch SAAS platforms in no time.

Not sure where to start or what to build? will inspire you and give a starting point. We also include a bonus PDF of 100 SAAS ideas.

No need for technical server setups, scripts or developers, Do it yourself.

My name is Steven, and I am the founder of Multiple SAAS platform that I built myself. and

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Video tutorial to help you build your SAAS Platform

SAAS Theme

After hours of research, I have included the best theme to use on your SAAS network.

10 Mins Skype Call

I will have a 10mins private Skype Session with you.

Nessary Plugins

Download all plugins required to build SAAS network from your dashboard on

SAAS Billing System

SAAS Billing and membership management plugin included

SAAS Web Server

Your purchase includes optimised server for SAAS including full support.


We will help you stay focused on accomplishing your goal. Follow other members and learn.

Developer Access

We do not provide development, However, We have access to quality developers.

Sites built using WordPress Multisite Feature


Stop wasting time and come up with a Minimal Viable Product without spending ton of money and time.

Launch your SAAS business 10 times faster with ease.

Embraced by business professionals for ease of use. Trusted by Startups.

Ready to get started?

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Normal Price $249

 Now on Sale – $79 For a limited time.

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Easy to Understand

I have made sure that our course is super simple!

Unlike complex youtube videos or super technical Ebooks, Our course is designed to make you understand every concept and help you build a platform in the quickest possible time

Invest in your MVP

Build an awesome business software business along with joining the elite and respected software startups

Others have done it and its time you invest in a SAAS business. Make money by Reselling your services or sell platforms.

Minimal Viable Product

Easily build a Minimal Viable Product

Need to bring a concept idea to the market to attract Investors? Now you can. Our Course helps you archive that.

Using Open source software ( WordPress Multisite), You can now build an attractive fully functional SAAS (Software as a service Platform)


Iam sure you have lots of questions.

If you do not find your asnwers here, Feel free to message us using the chat system.

How does WordPress turn into SAAS?

Wordpress has 3 basic reciepes to build a SAAS platform. 1) Database 2) Multisite Feature 3) API Features. Using plugins i have supplied and few tweaks and configuration. You can build a SAAS network.

What billing System can i use ?

You can use a wide range of payment gateways avilable in the Billing and Management plugin.

Is the Course Super Technical ?

The Course is designed to help non technicals, however, Some WordPress skills would help you better understand.

What software can I provide on my Platform ?

This is entirely up to you to choose. We provide a list of Premium plugins included in your membership that can help solve problems e.g Booking Engines, Taxi Booking, AirBNB clone, Directory etc

Do i need hosting ?

Yes and No, I have inluded powerfull optimised web server from liquidweb inlucded in your course price for 6 months. This is designed to get your started quick and easy.

Is this a SCAM ?

If you do think this is SCAM, Feel free to have a skype meeting with me, I will share my screen and show you stuff i have built. 🙂

Just the Course

Get the Course only with all Scripts and plugins

Ready made SAAS Solutions ?

Want a ready-made platform instead? Ready SAAS 2.0

Lets get started

The best time to start building your SAAS was yesterday, The Next best time to launch your SAAS startup is today. Take Action.

Wp SAAS PRO Includes

Steps to build, sell and scale a fully branded SaaS product.

All the plugins you need to deliver any feature to your market and have full support for yourself and your customers.

Fully managed, secure and scalable Server for a WordPress Multisite environment.

Marketing automation services like Sendgrid, Asana, trello etc

Ready made Billing System, SAAS themes, premium plguins worth $1000+

How to create amazing customer training programs that are completely automated.

Building WP SAAS PRO while traveling. Photo in Hong Kong City.

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