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Build SAAS platforms using WordPress the simple way.

Introducing WPSAAS PRO , Collection of WP SAAS Course, Simple Plugins and themes to easily build SAAS platforms using WordPress.

The WordPress SAAS Course

Newbie ? Take the WP SAAS Course

Simple easy to understand video guides on how to build your SAAS Platform


Why WAAS ( WordPress As A Service) 

Why use WordPress to build your SAAS ?

WP SAAS can power a network with millions of blogs – and does. We developed Pro Sites to manage Edublogs.org, one of the largest and most profitable networks in the world. It makes light work of site management, leaving you to get on with growing your business.

Our story
WAAS Sites

WordPress Powered SAAS Sites

WAAS ( WordPress as a Services) or WPSAAS ( WordPress Software as a Service)


Landing Page SAAS built using WordPress

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Landing Page SAAS Built using WordPress

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WordPress SAAS App

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Our own GPL Theme

 Wordpress SAAS theme + Plugin beta Version

Get pass the licensing issues and use our 100% GPL WordPress Theme


Watch SAAS Seminar 

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WP SAAS Membership Plans

  • WP SAAS Course
  • Basic Plugins
  • Bonus SAAS Ideas eBook
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  • WP SAAS Course
  • WP SAAS Theme (Beta)
  • WP SAAS Plugins
  • Bonus SAAS Ideas eBook
  • Access to Essential Plugins
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  • Fully Installed on your server
  • WP SAAS Course
  • WP SAAS Theme (Beta)
  • WP SAAS Plugins (Beta)
  • Bonus SAAS Ideas eBook
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  • Access to Essential Plugins
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What our happy clients say

4.8 stars from 163 reviews

One of the MOST lucrative niches to go into is software. Why? Cause you can automate your day. This course covers what you need to know in order to make your own SaaS, fast… AND easy. Thanks a lot for the WPSAAS Pro guys!
All the best



Steven, thanks for talking with me the other day, very pleased with the product, we’ll be using it as a blueprint for our framework build. Since we’ve been in a discovery process for WordPress solutions to questions like: What is the best combination of tools to create templatable, replicable multisite networks? Or, what is the most user friendly system of one click implementation of such template or network. Because of our familiarity, we realize you have produced real solutions for that type of system. Again, thanks for your product and your time the other day.

Mark Bender, (Director Professional Exchange Associates)

The Course was worth it! 

Jenna  • iShopsy


Frequently asked questions

Is the WP SAAS Course for beginners

Although a general understanding of how WordPress works is required, you cans till learn about WordPress in conjunction to the course. Our course is simple and ca be finished within couple of ours. 

Are the plugins offered GPL ?

Yes and No, Some of our core plugins are 100% GPL. This includes WP SAAS Theme and WP SAAS  Plugin, Along side there are alternative plugins offered which will require a license form the developers. We encourage buying license from the developers to continued support and development. 

What is WP SAAS Plugin

WPSAAS Plugin is a re-forked and updated version of WPMUDEV Prosites. We have brought the plugin from the dead with some cool updates. You will continue to see a merge of WP SAAS Theme and WP SAAS Plugin work hand in hand. At the moment this is a available in your membership as a beta version.

What is WP SAAS theme ?

WPSAAS theme is an updated version of the popular TheSaasx under WPSAAS pro branding. the theme has been updated to function with WP SAAS Pro plugin. You will see continued development with more updates on this theme geared towards WP Multisite. The Theme is 100% GPL and will remain on this license.


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