Whats included in WP-SAAS.pro Membership?

Every month we release Ready-Made saas platforms in our premium membership. You can see exactly how we do it by seeing our WP SAAS Course, & if you do not have time, Download our ready-made platforms. Please note that our price is bound to increase back to $249 from $79 after reach our milestone of 3 ready-made platforms available for download. Secure your membership now to take advantage of platforms releasing lateron.

WP SAAS Pro Course + SAAS building tools

Step by Step Video guide + Ready made tools aviulable for you to build your own SAAS Platform.

Ready-Made Real Estate SAAS Platform

Allow your customers / users to easily create real-estate websites. Earn a recurring revenue  

Ready-Made Multivendor SAAS App

Start  a multi-vendor SAAS platform. Earn by charging setup fees and recurring revenue 

Auto-Ship Ready-Made SAAS Platform

Allow customers to create Auto Ship Subscription Stores. Earn recurring revenue

Airbnb SAAS Platform

Allow your customers to setup sties similar to Air-bnb.

Ready-Made Transport SAAS Platform

Build a SAAS platform allowing customers to run Shuttle or Rental business

Unbounce SAAS Platform

Launch a Landing Page SAAS platform.

Wix Clone SAAS Platform

Launch a Website Builder SAAS platform

Booking Engine SAAS

Launch a Booking Engine SAAS platform

Earn recurring revenue in no time

Not sure where to start, or stuck ? Our team will help you kickstart. Every new member gets a Free installation service included in your membership.

We Make it Easy to Start a SAAS business 

Wp SAAS pro, combines the power of pre packged opensource products to help you launch your SAAS business or help you learn to build SAAS products.


WP-SAAS Admin 2.0 

multisite dashboard redefined

  • Clean Dashboard
  • Minimal
  • Developed for Multisite
  • Re-Brand Ready

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