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Use WordPress Multisite as a SAAS Platform

Can WordPress be used to start a SAAS Platform ?

Watch the Video below to understand the dynamics of how WordPress can be used as a  cost effective solutions for your SAAS Platform saving you thousands of dollars and valuable time.

The core of any business is to launch your first beta version for Validation. using WordPress and our Wp-Multisite-Pro, You can Archive that.

What can be built using Multisite-Pro

  • Premium Networks e.g WordPress.com

  • Managed WordPress Hosting e.g Epengine.com

  • Website Builder Platform e.g wix.com

  • Landing Page Platform e.g Instapages.com

More scenarios ? Talk to Us!

How to Profit from SAAS ?

Simple Steps to Recurring Revenue Software business 

Install WordPress

Follow our video guides on install wordpress and activating nwetwork. We can help with this process.

Install WP Multisite Pro

Install All Tools provided by us. All video training is provided and help from pour support team if needed

Setup SAAS Model

Intergrate your Software ready to be deployed to end users using recurring revenue business model

Start Marketing

Crate marketing Champgains like its nobodys business.

Billing Platform

An Easy way manage users and billing

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Built to Sell.

Everything needed to delever software using wordpress platform

Billing Platform 

This addon helps manage end -to-end management for  users and subscriptions . 

Custom Domains System

Allow Users to add Custom Domain right from Dashboard

Modern Admin Themes

With Collection of 3 Premiumm Admin themes to choose from. Completly customise your Admin dashboard Look


Multisite Network Wide Security mangement from Network Admin using Defender Pro


Alllow users to see site stats without the need for clients to setup Google Analytics

Network Wide Image Optimiser

Easily optmiise images uploaded by Client to ensure Site Speed performance.

Dashboard Branding

Easily Brand your Admin Dashboard with your Logos, help and buttons to sell addon Services or Support 

Site Builder

Divi , Upfront & Visual Composer. Offer your favorite builder to your clients.