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wpsaas_admin Staff asked 6 years ago

Hi Steven,

Just a few questions after quickly going through the course before installing the system on a server:

1) Regarding plugin licences, for a WordPress multisite installation do we only need to purchase one site licence or are we required to purchase a licence for each site in the network, and does this differ should a plugin require registration after installation or does the WordPress system just see this as one installation of the plugin.

2) If the client wishes to have one of our multisites customised slightly with maybe an extra plugin or a different setup let’s say in the case of a booking site, the client needs some extra fields, or in the case of a company logo, how does this affect the platform in general, such as when an update is released for a plugin which we may have modified for this client etc.

3) I see the last video is not up yet and I assume your still working on your own site and will produce the video as you go along, any idea when we will be able to follow along with the testing of the site installation etc.

4) I’m looking forward to your release of some of the plugin’s you mention on your sales page such as your own booking plugin, could you update us on the progress.

Kind regards