wpsaas_admin Staff asked 6 years ago

When will the ssl config videos be uploaded I also cannot open the (Finish- Test and show off!!!) video if it is an actual video? However will there be other videos added to this course? After watching the last one I feel like there should be more I need to know. Thanks in advance!

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wpsaas_admin Staff replied 6 years ago

HI Kristin, Iam still working on a solution to make it easier for SSL deployment on a Multisite network.
Luckily, Cpanel & WPengine now automatically assigns an SSL to domains from lets-Encrypt and Comodo. Iam not sure about Cloudways at the moment.

I just want to choose the easiest route to SSL in the course, so just experimenting it on my own sites.

So yes, The course will still be evolving, Iam currently building Premade One-click SAAS platforms which will be available for members as well.

Let me know if you need help setting it up.


suhartono Staff replied 6 years ago

Awesome! So we gonna have SAAS platform to install SSL on any site? Is that right?