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mrr10k asked 2 years ago

Hey so going through the process everything worked out pretty well until one specific part.

I started testing as if i was a user and then i tried to edit a page and it was blank.

I googled this and basically WPUltimo isn’t compatible with the latest wordpress – only the latest version of WPUltimo is compatible.


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mrr10k answered 2 years ago

Figured out a temporary solution – need add this plugin "Classic editor", it can be found in the wordpress plugins when you search it

wpsaas_admin Staff answered 2 years ago

That is so weird, So the classic Editor plugin fixed it ?

Can you try to update the plugins and remove Classic Editor ?


mrr10k replied 2 years ago

I upgraded to latest wordpress version and disabled teh classic editor and everything works with the new wp ultimo thanks!

wpsaas_admin Staff replied 2 years ago


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